College Struggles

I find that every few semesters I just CANT seem to get my life together!

Given everything thats been going on with me I’ve let that get the best of me and I’ve managed to mess up the last test in just about all of my classes. I’ve been going to class but i’ve just been thinking about SO much I dont feel like im retaining much. 

Now im pretty much at a borderline C for three fourths of my courses. I need to get it together. After this semester i only have THREE FUCKING credits left. At this point I may need to retake 1-2 courses…I just want to graduate for once in life >_< 

Mad.Stressed.I Need A Drink. 


I randomly decided last night I was going to start learning Arabic. 

Once I found out the alphabet is MUCH easier to learn than Japanese my heart smiled and I can just about write my name. Woooo!