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I’m over this day. Being all #Studious gives me w headache lol #umsl #QPOC #college #Midwest #glasses #scruff #scruffy
The truth spewing into my eyes tho…


when he asks for nudes but you’re not in the mood


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Senior, broke & confused

I have this extreme feeling of anxiety that just hasn’t seemed to subside. 

Lately, all I can think of is the potential of me being homeless in the middle of december is QUITE high considering I’m supposed to graduate then and I live in student housing. 

I’d move back to my mothers house if that was an option, but it’s not! She receives government assistance and once I move back in my income (if any) counts as hers and she looses what little benefits she has. 

All these applications just become extremely tedious and at the end of the day, until I receive a phone call I feel like i’ve been doing this all for no reason…


Bein cute #qpoc #stl

Havana Brown // BaBing (Official Video)

Jane Jupiter // Higher (Official Video)

Kid Sis is back! I like this new direction she’s going in.